In a moment of social rebellion, Brielle Sebold of Nashville, TN made the uncommon decision to take a hiatus from her social media. In reaction to the numerous protests and high levels of despair that occurred among the masses, The Brielle Bi-Weekly was born.

With continued emphasis on bringing subscribers what they are looking for, paired with an in-depth look into the hard hitting news stories that Sebold uncovers with her highly esteemed journalistic skills, The Brielle Bi-Weekly grew from a single page newsletter to the media empire that the BB News Network is today. Although Sebold eventually returned to her social media, collapsing under its bitter addiction, the integrity of The Brielle Bi-Weekly remains strong, with an honest report of her personal world events delivered directly to your inbox every other Monday morning. With celebrity interviews, exposes on high profile companies, and inside looks detailing the truth of living in The Music City, The Brielle Bi-Weekly is dedicated to bringing you the best journalism around.