Meet the Team

Meet the Editor in Chief:

Brielle Sebold

In addition to being a Preschool Librarian, Donut Girl and intern for International Pop Star Trella, Sebold is the highly esteemed Editor and Lead Writer of this world renowned publication. With a Bachelors degree in Sociology, Sebold had a lot of work opportunities presented to her, but her true love has always been writing and telling stories. After seeing all of the fake news that this world had to offer, she has made it her mission to bring her subscribers the honest truth in the stories they want to hear. In addition to running this company, Sebold loves walks on the beach, a good book and drinking margaritas at the local Mexican restaurant, Rosepepper.

Bryson Sebold

While studying law in his free time, Bryson Sebold also is a contributing writer for the Brielle Bi-Weekly, debuting in the newsletter with his scathing expose on the corrupt Atlantic Beach business owner–Al of Al’s Pizza. In addition, Mr. Sebold is the head of the BB News IT Department, and works with the Editor in Chief closely on the complicated technical matters that come with producing such a high quality publication every other week. He currently resides in  Denver, Colorado, and is working remotely for the BB News.

The Intern

This lowly employee was hired as a favor to a friend, and because her original enthusiasm to please the editor in chief was promising. However, it seems that if there is ever any issues within the company or with the publication itself, the trail always leads back to her. She is completely incompetent and more of a hassle than anything else really. Much confusion surrounds the reasons why this company still continues to employ her, but it can be boiled down to this. Convinced she could never hold a job elsewhere, the Editor, out of the sheer selfless and goodness of her heart, keeps her around. There is always hope she will become less of a nuisance. Her most commonly used phrase is “Please don’t fire me Miss. Brielle”.


A gift sent straight from God Himself, International Pop Star Trella has enough awards and achievements under her belt to put The Beatles to shame. By some marvelous twist of fate, Editor Sebold has been offered the opportunity to work for Trella as an unpaid intern. Opening up more doors than you can imagine, this internship has played a very important role in the life of this newsletter. The inside scoops on her private and public life are some of the most popular articles for our subscribers. We hope that this business relationship continues to grow stronger as we progress and grow as a company.